Social events

The idea of whole event will be also used in social events as an additional value for educational content.



EDU-SOUNDS – 15th June

Party for all the participants. Special features: there will be zone for silent party (headphones will be provided) – participant will hear very different sounds and noises to experience something new. There will be also some games for getting know each other (networking).


          There will be also the concept of “edu-tastes” – food will be something different from what it looks  like (e.g. sushi made from fruits, cherries made from salty cheese and beetroot jelly). Participants will learn new combination of hat they see and what they taste.





Lunch will be based on local food market prepared in cooperation with Bristol’s BIG Green Week. Participants will be able to taste local food and it will be time of multicultural networking. There will be also some live-cooking shows of traditional meals from Bristol.