Please note, that this is only a ficticious event preapred as a project for University Challenge Competition. All information about the speakers, venues and partners are based on the information on the Internet.

Welcome to "Through the looking glass..."

The Future of Education Congress


Dear Colleagues,


It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the "Through the looking glass..." - The Future of Education Congress to be held in Bristol, UK, from June 15 till June 17, 2017.


This is a unique international meeting that brings together teachers from all over the world working in various specialties. We would like to provide you a space, where you can meet and learn together how to teach differently.

The program provides a great opportunity to share views and to unite efforts increase motivation and creativity.


The program of the Congress covers the main topics in learning process and future tools which would be helpful in your every-day work.

Come to Bristol and join our meeting in a stimulating networking atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for interaction. We do hope that the Congress will appear fruitful for you and enhance the international integration of the education community,


We are very excited to see you soon in Bristol!

Author of the project